The German Program's 2015/16 Brochure

The German Program's 2015/16 Brochure

Now is a great time to LEARN German

Knowing German gives you an edge in so many areas of study including engineering, science, business, art, architecture, music, international relations, literature, technology, and more. 


1) German as a second language will earn your the most over the course of your career. 

This article published in The Economist shows that GERMAN, as a second language, will earn you the most money over the course of your career. Here is the complete article:

Chart as published in The Economist. March 2014

Highlighted companies are headquartered in the Northeast. [All information from the German-American Chamber of Commerce 2015]

2) It's an extremely competitive job market - knowledge of German can give you edge.  

The German Program's 2013 poster

German is a language that will help you stand out in this extremely competitive job market. Did you know that there are more than 3,500 German-owned companies that have subsidiaries in the U.S.? That's around 800,000 jobs. Companies like Adidas, Aldi, Braun, Crate & Barrel, DHL, Hugo Boss, Trader Joe's, Hochtief/Turner Construction, ThyssenKrupp, and T-Mobil - just to name a few.

More German companies are coming to the U.S. including supermarket giant Lidl in 2015. Also, there are around 750 American companies doing business in Germany and German-speaking countries. 

This annual list compiled by the German American Chambers of Commerce highlights only the Top 50.  Want to learn more about German companies doing business in the US? Produced by the German American Chamber of Commerce NY, the special report Top 50 German Firms in the US (April 2015) is a must-read.  

3) Attend university in Germany for free.

German universities are now tuition-free!

Amazing news for German language learners! You can now attend university in Germany for free. All universities in Germany are now tuition-free! Interested in more information? Check out this link:

4) The Arts & Culture Heritage

What would classical music be like without Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, & Strauss? Or artists like Otto Dix, Paul Klee, Max Beckmann and filmmakers Wilm Wenders, Werner Herzog, Fritz Lang. 

Did you know there are 40 sites in Germany listed on the World Heritage List?


5) Let's hear from our Niskayuna High School German students.

Finally, some of the best reasons to learn German come from right from our current German students. Here's what some of our German students have to say about why they chose German:

  • "German provides a fun opportunity to learn about the culture of Germany and its language."
  • "I love learning German because I can communicate with my family in Germany and learn about an interesting culture!"
  • "I wanted to take German to learn about my heritage. I see German as an important world language and there are so many German companies that I could work for after college."
  • "I study German because it reveals a totally unique culture with history, art, music, and food. In addition, German societies are among the most important centers of finance, technology, and pop culture in the world."
  • "I love learning German because the classes are both challenging and interesting."
  • "I want to become an engineer in Germany."
  • "German is fantastisch! Learning German will broaden your horizons in all aspects of life."
  • "I take German because I love foreign languages and German is the best. Ich liebe Deutsch!"
  • "I am studying German to find out more about my heritage and to be able to communicate with more people overseas."
  • "I take German because the people involved are great and it is like one big family."
  • "I love German because the language is beautiful."
  • "You learn more than just German in class; you learn life lessons and interesting facts."

We like to think outside the box, so we teamed up with a talented artist to create this original poster for our German Program. The message, however, is universal: Learning German is helpful with so many areas of study.

Interested in more reasons to learn German?

Many colleges and universities recommend or require the study of German for students interested in: Anatomy, Architecture, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Art History, Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Comparative Literature, Dramatic Art, Film Studies, Genetics, History, International Business, Linguistics, Logic & Methodology of Science, Mathematics, Music, Near Eastern Studies, Philosophy, Physical Science, Physics, Physiology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Telecommunications, and Zoology – to name a few.

Major U.S. colleges have strong German Language departments including:

Infographic produced by the Niskayuna HS German Program 2013